Sublimation cardboard round puzzle


Sublimation cardboard round puzzle is a rectangular shaped cardboard puzzle.  Sublimation cardboard round puzzle is ideal for invitations to parties, weddings and baby showers.

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  • 10 pce sublimation cardboard round puzzle is a rectangular shaped safely packed in a plastic.
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Sublimation cardboard round puzzle is a round shaped  cardboard puzzle.  This cardboard puzzle is normally cut by a high pressure dye cutter.  Sublimation cardboard round puzzle is ideal for invitations to parties, weddings and baby showers.  Further more it is perfect for educational toys where the educator choose the correct theme.  Children will love it and it is strong.   Hence the wood puzzle is ideal to sublimate as a recreational and educational  item.  Finally it is conveniently package 10 units in a bag.

How to sublimate cardboard puzzles:

  • Firstly adjust the pressure of the flat heat press to be desirable.
  • Secondly set the temperature to 200°C and the time to 40 seconds.
  • Wait for the press to get to 200°C.   Then measure the printing area of the item you wish to print.
  • Now prepare the artwork and make sure you insert the correct sizes as measured. Furthermore remember to add a 5mm bleed.
  • Print the artwork in reverse. Now make sure you print on the correct side of the sublimation paper as indicated.
  • Use a quality sublimation ink and paper to ensure a brilliant print.
  • Next cut the artwork out carefully.  To be specific there should not be any hair lines or dots that you do not want on your artwork.
  • Take a puzzle from the bag.
  • Then place the artwork facing down onto the cardboard puzzle.  Just as important check that the artwork is straight and smooth.
  • Next secure it with heat tape.
  • You can place multiple puzzles in the heat press to enhance production if you have a big press.
  • Before closing the heat press cover the puzzles with a teflon sheet.
  • Close the heat press and wait for 40 seconds.
  • When the buzzer goes off, remove the puzzles from the heat press and cold peel the paper from the cardboard  puzzle.
  • Perfect you are now ready to sublimate more  cardboard puzzles.

For more information watch the training video.


Coool Sublimation

Coool Sublimation is a rage of sublimation blanks, it also contains the item and machinery needed to sublimate.
Titan-Jet Africa | Coool Sublimation

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