Light cotton paper A3 – 10 sheets


Light cotton ink jet paper is a special paper to transfer artworks onto light cotton t-shirts.

Available option:
  • 10 pcs A3 Light cotton paper safely packed in a pack.
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Light cotton ink jet paper is a special paper to transfer artworks onto light cotton t-shirts.  Light cotton paper is available in A4 and A3 sizes.  Furthermore  this easy to use product will make it possible to print large quantities of t-shirts in a small business. Firstly use an invoice printer with ink jet ink to print your light cotton paper.  Then use a heat press or iron to transfer the print onto the t-shirt.  This paper will ensure a stretchable finish. This product is also well priced.  Hence ensure high profitability.   The paper is conveniently package in 10 or 100 sheets per pack.

Steps how to use light cotton paper with your heat press:

  • Make sure the pressure of the heat press is desirable to ensure a brilliant print.
  • Set the temperature of the heat press to 185 degrees Celsius and the time to 25 seconds.
  • While waiting for the heat press to get to 185 degrees Celsius prepare the artwork.
  • To ensure a successful print choose vibrant colours in the artwork.
  • Be sure to print on the smooth side of the light cotton paper with ink jet ink.
  • Print the artwork in reverse and cut it out carefully. To be specific,  make sure there is no lines or dots on your artwork.
  • Place the t-shirt onto the heat press rubber and make sure it is smooth.
  • Place the print facing down onto the t-shirt and ensure it is straight, then use heat tape to keep your print in position.
  • Then place the teflon sheet over the printed light cotton paper.
  • Next close the press and wait for 25 seconds.
  • When the buzzer go off, open the press and remove the teflon.
  • Finely hot peal the paper from the t-shirt.
  • PERFECT, now you are ready to make some more t-shirts…

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