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Every shop needs a 40x60cm sublimation heat press or as everyone knows it a t-shirt heat press.

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This is a 40x60cm flat heat press. This flat heat press is perfect to heat press items and to heat transfer printed images. Manufacture sublimation items like MDF wood, t-shirts and pvc safely. Easy to use temperature and time controls make this press a breeze to use Furthermore the 40x60cm flat heat press is ideal for use in any printshop or sublimation business. The press is firmly packaged in a box for safe shipping.

How to use a 40x60cm flat heat press:

For the purpose of this explanation we will sublimate a MDF coaster.

  • Firstly adjust the pressure of the heat press to be desirable.
  • Secondly set the temperature to 200°C and the time to 30 seconds.
  • Wait for the press to get to 200°C. Then measure the printing area of the item you wish to print.
  • Now prepare the artwork and make sure you insert the correct sizes as measured. Furthermore remember to add a 5mm bleed.
  • Print the artwork in reverse. Now make sure you print on the correct side of the sublimation paper as indicated.
  • Use a quality sublimation ink and paper to ensure a brilliant print.
  • Next cut the artwork out carefully. To be specific there should not be any hair lines or dots that you do not want on your artwork.
  • Remove the plastic protection layer from the coaster.
  • Then placed the artwork facing down onto the MDF wood coaster. Just as important check that the artwork is straight and smooth.
  • Next secure it with heat tape.
  • You can place multiple coasters in the heat press to enhance production.
  • Before closing the heat press cover the coasters with a teflon sheet.
  • Close the heat press and wait for 30 seconds.
  • When the buzzer goes off, remove the coasters from the heat press and cold peel the paper from the wood coaster.
  • Perfect you are now ready to use your 40x60cm flat heat press.

For more information watch the training video.

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Coool Sublimation Products is a rage of sublimation blanks, it also contains the item and machinery needed to sublimate.

Titan-Jet Africa | Coool Sublimation Products

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