3.2m UV Ricoh large format printer

This is the next step if you are a small signshop. This printer will elevate you to another level. Its much more affordable than you think.

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The 3.2m UV Ricoh large format Titan jet printer is an industrial-grade printer delivering high-quality prints, this 3 head printer utilizes Ricoh gen 5 printhead technology that delivers high-quality prints. Titan jet flex UV ink cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white ensures vibrant and solid prints. While the use of a bulk ink system guarantees low printing cost. The 3.2m UV Ricoh large format Titan jet printer can print up to 3.2m wide, allowing you to print large artworks without joining prints. The motorized media feeding system enables you to print tarpaulin. It will also print on a wide variety of media. Such as Vinyl, PVC Banner, Poster, Wallpaper, Poli-flex, Contra Vision, Canvas, Leather, Plastic and any colourfull media. A take-up system is standard on the 3.2m  UV printer.

High-quality Ricoh gen 5 print heads coupled with a stable control system, ensure quality printing. Resulting in a 1440 DPI resolution. On 4 pass the Titan jet will deliver 18 square meters per hour. Whilst a 6 pass will print at 13 square meters per hour. The 3.2m Titan jet printer works well on and Windows 10 operating systems and requires a desktop to function. Two power points each 220v is required to power the machine.

The Photoprint software will rip, eps, tiff, pdf and jpg file formats.

Print process

  • Design a good quality artwork on your preferred design software.
  • Then Export the artwork in your preferred file format.
  • Next import file into the Photoprint software.
  • Now create the rip file in the .prn file format.
  • Then open the .prn file in the RYPC software.
  • The last step is to print the job on the correct media to complete your project.

When sending the Titan jet outside South Africa, we safely package the printer in a wooden crate of 5.2m x 1.2m x 1.9m. The weight is 1200kg, we have professional freight forwarders that will assist you in a professional manner at an affordable price. However, when we deliver inside our borders we send our trained technician to deliver and commission the machine. The technicians will also install software and train customers on-site.

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Additional information

Weight1000 kg
Dimensions490 × 100 × 150 cm
Printer Width

3.2 meter


UV Ink



Print format


Computer OS

Windows 7/8/10


18C ~ 28C