1.6m Titan Jet roll press

This low cost maintenance machine will make your production fast and trouble free. The easy-to-use controls and fast setup makes this machine the favorite among present users.

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The 1.6m Titan jet roll press is essential for high volume textile production. The 280mm stainless steel oil drum of the 1.6m Titan jet roll press ensures even distribution of heat. Hence, vivid and consistent colour. The 2.4 x 1.8m working table allows you to control the fabric and sublimation paper.  As a consequence less wast.  The inflatable media griping system ensure total tension control.

The machine can handle temperatures up to 280 degrees celsius. The speed and temperature controls enable the user to sublimate various types of polyester textile’s.  Therefore the  heat press will enhance production and profitability.

How to operate the 1.6m Titan jet press

  • Firstly choose your artwork.  Then print your artwork on a 1.6m sublimation printer. Be sure to roll the prints correctly on an empty core. Also make sure the artwork print in reverse.
  • Set the temperature of the heat press to the required setting.
  • When the press reach the required temperature.  Load the printed sublimation paper and fabric in to the correct positions.
  • Now pull the paper and fabric from the bar onto the working table.
  • Feed both through the heat system so the ink can be sublimated onto the fabric.
  • Once the paper and fabric come out at the bottom separate the two. Waist paper and vibrant printed fabric.
  • Cut out the patterns on the fabric. Seem patterns and produce a profitable product.

When sending the press outside South Africa, we safely package the it in a wooden crate of 2.7m x 0.960m x 1.5m.  The weight is 800kg. We have professional freight forwarders that will assist you in a professional manner. Their competitive prices is always affordable. However, when we deliver inside our borders we send our factory trained technician to deliver and commission the machine. The technicians will train customers on-site.

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Additional information

Weight800 kg
Dimensions270 × 96 × 150 cm
Roll Press Size

2.6 x 2 x 1.5m

Transfer Area

1.6 meter

Working Table

2500mm(L) x 1800mm(W)

Max Temperature

0ºC – 280ºC

Voltage Supply

380V 3-phase 50- 60HZ


10 KW per phase

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