1.6 Series applicator

Bubble free application on chromadek, corex, abs and much more.

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The 1.6 series applicator is perfect to applicate your prints onto a correx or cromadeck.  Stick the start of the print into position and let the applicator do the rest.  Since this machine is design to make your life easier. Ensure bulk application jobs accurate, fast and bubble free. Increase your productivity by using our 1.6 series applicator.

Easy steps video:

  • Print the artwork on the vinyl.
  • Apply the start of the print accordingly to the correx or cromadeck sheet.
  • Push the sheet through the applicator.
  • Finally cut your sheet into the correct sizes.

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Additional information

Weight85 kg
Dimensions187 × 36 × 100 cm
Working Size

1.6 meter